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The Client

Started in 2013, Zendure is a charging technology company combining durability and style in a wide portfolio of consumer electronics that are sold in over one hundred countries worldwide, with the mission to deliver innovative solutions to empower mobile living.

The Challenge

Zendure approached Naturality with the desire to empower and push to the next level the look, feel & results of a very important product launch: Super Base Pro 2000, their first IoT power station. Our team was challenged to go above & beyond and find the best design solution that could fit the product look and empower the branding of Zendure while the product was still at the early stage of its finalization.

Our Solution

Following an intense brainstorming session, our team has been able to find the keystone that could satisfy Zendure's needs and best match the design of the product, taking inspiration from the "Nordic Lights", a unique visual event happening in the north European and American sky, bringing to a next level of creativity the unique user interface experience of the campaign launch.

Take a look at the campaign page, tap here.

Key Results

  • m
    USD raised in total
  • k
    Leads collected
  • #
    Highest funding in green tech in 2021
  • #
    Zendure all-time most funded project

Naturality Offer

  • Pre-launch landing page & campaign page design
  • Copywriting
  • Pre-launch & campaign Facebook Ads

Service Highlights

Naturality has successfully developed data-driven campaigns to target Zendure's consumers' ideal touchpoints despite recent advertising and data tracking restrictions. With granular targeting strategy and extensive use of ad copy variations, Naturality made sure the right people were always met with the right message. As a result, we managed to maintain the performance of our ads within Zendure's goals with unparalleled insights into the industry.

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