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Timekettle Zero

Timekettle Zero

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The Client

Founded in 2016, Timekettle Technologies is a global brand committed to integrating artificial intelligence into unique designs to provide high-performance translation devices. Driven by innovative concepts both in software and hardware development, Timekettle gives its users the tools to seize opportunities previously out of their reach, and turns them into reality.

The Challenge

Raising the slogan "Start from Zero", Timekettle intended to sweep away the traditional notion of electronic translation as a cumbersome device exempt from any participation in the daily user experience. However, by presenting a revolutionary project like Zero, boasting to be able to offer its users a much better experience than free mobile apps available on the market, the company faced a challenge that would be difficult to overcome.

Our Solution

Performing a holistic analysis of Timekettle's previous crowdfunding projects, Naturality aimed at distributing information along channels that would accurately help to identify the target audience. At the same time, our strategy team proposed a creative approach that would allow the product to gain immediate visibility over its large competition.

The conversion rate was ranked the fourth highest converting project of the year on Indiegogo. Take a look at the campaign page, tap here.

Key Results

  • K
    USD raised in total
  • #
    Most backed among translation devices
  • Backers
  • Media reviews

Service Highlights

We developed a creative strategy and visual content repository based on key product features for multiple conversion targets throughout the campaign. By refining audience targeting and keyword tactics through Google and Facebook ads based on conversion tracking, Naturality's choices concretely contributed to the success of the project and the brand.
The landing page designed by Naturality was selected among the worldwide nominees on Awwwards

Naturality Offer

  • Full campaign management
  • Pre-launch and crowdfunding page visual design
  • Google and Facebook Ads
  • PR communication
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing

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