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Timekettle Brand

Timekettle Brand

Maximize the brand awareness to unveil new opportunities.

The Client

Founded in 2016, Timekettle Technologies is a global brand committed to integrating artificial intelligence into unique designs to provide high-performance translation devices. Driven by innovative concepts both in software and hardware development, Timekettle gives its users the tools to seize opportunities previously out of their reach, and turns them into reality.

The Challenge

Although the first fully immersive translation device from Timekettle presented a unique opportunity to our world of differences in languages and cultures. Being a new brand in a rising and rapidly growing industry, Timekettle had to overcome the challenge in customer confidence about brand recognition and product qualities, all while considering the biggest competitor Google Translate has more than 500 million users worldwide, and it is free.

Our Solution

Public opinion from highly recognized media placements contributed a significant part to that confidence. Started with Timekettle’s flagship - WT2 in 2018, then come the ZERO translator in 2019, and M2 in 2020, Naturality generated over 300 earned media placements with nearly 100% positive/neutral sentiment, more than 1 billion impressions were shared across the continents.

Naturality Highlights

Leveraging the global connection Naturality integrates into its own database, we were able to generate media placements even in some of the most worldwide known online magazines, including New York Times, BBC TWO, Forbes, TechCrunch, and so on. We conceptualized a new way of how the user experience could be significantly enhanced and unveiled Timekettle products at their unique form factor.

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