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Connect to a new audience through re-design.

The Client

Founded by Giulio Ottolina in 1948, Caffè Ottolina is a well-established brand that over the years has developed a growing network of distributors in Italy and around the world. Starting from the assumption that coffee is not just a drink, but the expression of a passion, this refined connoisseur has created one of the most excellent espresso coffee blends available on the market today.

The Challenge

Realizing that a logo can have a big impact on business, the client decided to perform a total redesign to be able to speak to customers for a more modern audience. Making sure that the entire corporate identity was in sync and consistent with the new logo was certainly the biggest challenge to overcome in order to connect with a new audience without losing the strong customer base that this brand already had.

Our Solution

By providing a variety of options ranging from a classic inspiration to a more futuristic feel, the client was empowered to easily find the right visual that would represent best their reimagined identity. With a logo modernized through the use of a vintage 'cool' look that honored the company's long history- which also involved a meticulous study on font and color customization, we secured an effective usability of the new logo in the overall visual assets of the client's corporate image.

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