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Edifier Audio

Edifier Audio

Finding visual consistency across a variety of audio products.

The Client

Founded in 1996, Edifier is the brainchild of a group of music lovers with an entrepreneurial spirit. With over twenty-five years of research and manufacturing dedicated to the audio industry, Edifier has developed comprehensive capabilities in the design, testing and production of the finest quality devices, to ensure their audience the highest performing experience at the most affordable price.

The Challenge

After 2 continuous years of cooperation between the successful audio brand and the art-direction of Naturality, Edifier again chooses us to create and develop constant content creation to support the release of their new products on both e-commerce and social media channels. The challenge we encountered was to adapt visual content that could meet the requirements of usability on different platforms (more technical one, more lifestyle the other) and vary the creative offer of very different products - from soundbars and speakers to earphones - without altering the perception and the purpose of the brand set by the client.

Our Solution

A mature collaboration and an in-depth knowledge of the Edifier's needs and objectives allowed us to contextualize each product with awareness and sensitivity to the expectations of the target audience and the taste of the company. The key was to sensitize the lifestyle content offered to keep it trendy, modern, and in step with the times, without losing sight of the originality of new and creative ideas that would make the variety of the brand's offer a jumping-off point to set new standards and trends suitable for the target audience.

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