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CIGA Design

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The Client

CIGA Design is an American brand born with the intent to redefine the wristwatch as a fashion accessory. The success of CIGA Design's Z and Zen Karesansui Series, up to the most recent X-Series, have paved the way for embedding refined materials into original designs able to engage the younger generations with their fresh style and sophisticated uniqueness.

The Challenge

Despite a high engagement rate, the X-Series campaign started showing a steady decline in its page conversion rate after the second week of its launch. The brand reached out to us to deal with the unexpected situation whose causes were unclear, which had always enjoyed high customer retention and brand awareness for its previous, successful projects.

Our Solution

Through a review of the client's successful campaigns, and with careful analysis of audience feedback on previously unveiled products, Naturality identified white spaces left uncovered by the X-Series marketing strategy and crafted a content roadmap to redirect audience interest to the company's new product SKU. We led the client to increase the watch's available color offerings, and with a targeted visual strategy, we helped the client climb the sales ladder and reach, up to exceed its initial sales target.

Take a look at the landing page design, tap here.

Key Results

  • K
    USD raised in total
  • #
    Backed in 'watches'
  • +
    Watches sold
  • %
    Funded in 24 hours

Naturality Offer

  • Video production optimization
  • Crowdfunding consultation
  • Pre-launch and crowdfunding page visual design

Service Highlights

The X-Series was designed specifically for millennials. With this reference in mind, we devised a new strategy that focused on shifting the target audience away from a traditional watch campaign, giving us a way to pitch the X Series as a personalized visual experience that made the ultimate difference.

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